Paul Newman is a professional voice coach, vocal tutor and singing teacher based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

If you are in South Yorkshire, near Sheffield... and are looking for a professional vocal coach or voice tutor to deliver singing lessons, call the singing teacher from Vocaledge, Paul Newman, on 077077 43618.


telephone: 077077 43618



The Magical Voice

I believe in the power of the voice.


An unexpected compliment can change the way we feel about ourselves and our day.

Speeches like "I Have a Dream" and songs like "Imagine" can inspire and help us see with fresh eyes.

My work is understanding and sharing what makes the voice a powerfully inspiring instrument.

Simple things change the way the voice sounds and the effect it has on others.

The words we use and how we say or sing them can be powerfully transformative.

We can learn much about ourselves from the voice - it is the child of our thoughts and feelings and the parent of our destiny.

If I have a life path, I would call it "The Way of the Voice."

I want everyone to know what it is to speak and be heard.

May you hear love in the voices around you.

Paul C. Newman 2012.




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